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Denmark hosts meeting of the Iinternational Coalition against ISIL – US, Italy and Saudi Arabia chairmen of the working group

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Denmark hosts meeting of the international coalition against ISIL

29.03.2017 11:00

Over 120 experts in anti-laundering and counter-terrorism will be assembled from 29th to 30th of March in Copenhagen as part of the financial working group of the coalition, the Counter ISIL Finance Group (CIFG).

The Foreign Minister of Denmark states:

“I am proud that Denmark has been asked to host the Coalition finance meeting. It shows that our partners recognize Denmark’s efforts in the fight against ISIL – also outside of the military track. The Danish Foreign Ministry’s Special Representative for Counter-Terrorism, Jens Madsen, does valuable work as co-chair of the coalition subgroup working to curb ISILs access to the international financial system.

ISIL is the best-funded terrorist group ever. Therefore, the fight against cash flows to the group is an essential part of the game. We must act on all fronts: the sale of oil, kidnappings, extortion and access to banks or currency exchange offices. These are some of the things that will be discussed at today’s meeting.”

The meeting in Copenhagen will focus on how ISIL can be prevented from obtaining financial resources, as well as how the coalition can strengthen its efforts to prevent ISILs access to the international financial system. Among other things, there will be a focus on how ISIL as a terrorist organization will change its character as the group is pushed back geographically.

The working group, headed by the United States, Italy and Saudi Arabia, aims to strengthen cooperation and information exchange on how to limit ISILs financing. The group consists of four sub-working groups, where the former PET boss Jens Madsen, along with a representative from Lebanon, is co-lead of the sub-working group working to curb ISILs access to the international financial system.

The international coalition against ISIL consists of 68 countries working to combat ISIL within five tracks. Besides funding, the five tracks covers military action, foreign fighters, stabilization and strategic communications.

For further information, please contact press adviser Anne Ege, tel. +45 41 53 25 26