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Grimaldi Lines ship new metro trains to Esbjerg

Three new train sets for the Copenhagen Metro have been shipped by Grimaldi Lines from Gioia Tauro in South Italy and to the Port of Esbjerg, where they arrived on Saturday to be transported further by trucks to Copenhagen.

As the only liner service on the market, Grimaldi Lines offer a direct multipurpose Ro-Ro service between the Mediterranean and Esbjerg. As agent of Grimaldi Lines, Niels Winther Shipping has coordinated the arrival of the Grimaldi vessel at the Port of Esbjerg.

Claus Larsen, CCO of Niels Winther Shipping’s Grimaldi Lines agency activities, says:

“The deck height and ramp capacity of Grimaldi Lines’ vessels secure an effective transportation of long train sets. In Italy, the train sets were driven on board the Grimaldi vessel, and upon arrival at the Port of Esbjerg, drivers where ready to transport the train sets off the ship. Thus, the train sets are carried on the same trailers from start to finish. This ensures a speedier transition between sea and road transportation, and minimises the risk of transport damage.”

The train sets will now be transported to Copenhagen at night. The first train set has already arrived in Copenhagen, and the other two are expected to arrive today and on Friday, respectively. Each train set is 40 metres long and weighs 58 tons.

The new metro trains are produced by Hitachi Rail Italy, and the Italian logistics company Baggio S.p.A. are responsible for the overall transport and delivery of the metro trains.

For further information about Grimaldi Lines’ services, please contact CCO Claus Larsen on tel. + 45 20 21 64 80 or email

Niels Winther Shipping has been agent of Grimaldi Lines in Denmark since 1997, offering transport of all types of cargo, including high and heavy, project and container cargo.